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  News about the making of the Hervey promotional film, and the future theatre performances of the one-man show by A.P.Waxkirsh        

One of the beautifully original Georgian rooms, and an ideal location for the Hervey promo to be filmed at Finchcocks in Kent by Keith Lovegrove of Lennox Lovegrove Films.


Katrina Burnett has kindly agreed to a whole day of filming at Finchcocks, and we have chosen this east-facing room on the first floor to be the setting for A.P Waxkirsh's portrayal of Lord Hervey. The short promotional film will highlight themes taken from the Hervey one-man show, and be edited down to about 2 minutes.


After a brief lunch good weather, great light, and a fine performance from A.P Waxkirsh means that we're hopefully on track for an effective and satisfying end result!   


A.P Waxkirsh, still in character, outside the stunning western facade of Finchcocks, the fine Georgian home of Richard and Katrina Burnett, and their unrivalled collection of early Keyboard instruments.


The writer and actor, takes up residence for the day at his Georgian country retreat!


A final shot taken from the last scene of the Hervey promotional film. A long but rewarding day, with thanks to Mr & Mrs Burnett and their staff at Finchcocks.